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Kenflow Co., Ltd. & Home Gush Water industry Co., Ltd. have 20-years experienced water purifier manufacturer.
Kenflow Co., Ltd. & Home Gush Water Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional water purifier manufacturer with 20-years experience. With & department, our company can develop innovative products to meet customers' requests, from design, mold building, plastic injection, filling and assembly.
Our professional team is at your service:

¡´Various Kinds of international SPEC Housing and Filters
¡´ Regular Water Purifier, Special SPEC Water Purifier and functional Water Purifier
¡´RO systems, water Purifier
¡´Super Pure Water Device For Laboratory
¡´Energy ORP Converter &Hydrogen Ion water & High-oxygen water machine
¡´Mineral Water Factory Device
¡´Water Station Device
¡´Device Of Industrial Pure Water
¡´High-tech wash RO dedicated water machine in the medical, industrial, electronic, dyeing, lenses, 800GPD~ 24000GPD
¡´Ultraviolet (UV) Rays Disinfector
¡´Alkaline Ionic Water Generator
¡´Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter System
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Kenflow Co., Ltd

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